Lecture of Dr. Marcel Bode: The multilevel governance system of European cohesion policy

On July 1-st Dr. Marcel Bode was part of the event „European Regional Policy“ with lecture on Prof. Dr. Störmann’s research results on the topic „Financial impact and effectiveness of the tasks of the national audit authorities in the context of the cohesion policy of the European Union“.

Dr. Bode studied business administration and international economics, among other disciplines in Schmalkalden. He has several international certificates in the field of audit and fraud investigation. After initially working as a private sector auditor for several years, he has been working on the European Union’s cohesion policy for more than 10 years now.

Dr. Bode initially worked at regional level as an auditor for European structural funds before moving to the European Commission and since 2015 to the European Court of Auditors in Luxembourg. There, as an auditor in Chamber II, he is responsible for legal checks on legality, as well as for economic audits of EU expenditure, including in the field of regional policy. In addition to his practical work, he is regularly publishing scientific and theoretical articles in his are of expertise. His research interests are focused on the management systems of European cohesion policy, for which he obtained his doctorate last year. Dr. Bode is a guest lecturer at the VUZF University.

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