The activity of  Finance And Financial Management Unit is aiming at producing research and applied research in the area of finance, accountancy, audit, insurance and social insurance.

The goal of the research is, as a result of joint efforts of scientists and business practitioners to discover solutions to specific problems of current financial practice in the present dynamic world.

The focus is particularly on research in the emerging new trends in the area of finance and financial management such as:

  • Holistic (integrated) financial risk management
  • Integrated reporting and its auditing
  • Insurance of newly emerging risks for companies
  • Financing the transition from linear to circular economy as EU priority
  • Banking in the era of digitalization
  • Providing loans though active CRM
  • New forms of lending and financial services outside banks
  • The role of telecoms on the financial markets
  • Risk financing of innovations
  • The role of alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrencies
  • Problems of government finance in the context of the contemporary integrated economic systems, etc.


The unit is open to research in other areas of modern financial management at micro and macro level.



Prof. Virginia Zhelyazkova

Director of research unit “Finance and Financial Management”