The „Information and Communication Technologies“ department of VUZF Scientific-Research laboratory will conduct investigations on problems of the application of ICT for business, usage of information systems to create greater efficiency in the operation of businesses, the implementation of information platforms to optimize business processes and business activities to achieve high competitiveness on international markets, as well as the intensive development of e-business in Bulgaria.

Also, applied research will be carried out for the development of e-governance in the country, the use of ICT for the creation of electronic services for citizens and businesses in order to facilitate communication electronically with the government, saving time and effort for obtaining administrative service of the population and Bulgarian companies, as well as increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Bulgarian state administration.

They will be tracked and trends of global digitalization in the world and building the information society at home and abroad, and entering the ICT in industry for digital transformation of the Bulgarian and world economy and the transition to Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0, and the innovations based on digital destructive technologies and the FinTech innovations.

Prof. Dr. Roumen Trifonov

Director of research unit „Information and Communication Technologies“